Heavy Whipping Cream

Dairy Maid Dairy’s heavy whipping cream contains 40% butterfat, the highest level of butterfat available in retail packages. This higher level of butterfat increases the whip ability and functional cooking properties of the cream.

Gourmet chefs prefer Dairy Maid Dairy’s 40% heavy cream over all products in the market due to its functionality in the kitchen. Dairy Maid Dairy’s heavy whipping cream is always fresh, never over heated by ultra-high temperatures pasteurization which decreases its functionality.
whipped cream

How to Make Whip Cream
8 oz of heavy cream
½ tea spoon of Vanilla Extract
2 Tbsp confectionery sugar

Can adjust both Vanilla Extract & Sugar to taste
Whip for about 5 minutes
Note: It helps to chill the beaters & the bowl prior to making whip cream