Dairy Maid Dairy’s cultured buttermilk has been designed to mimic the buttermilk that was drawn off the butter making churns of days gone by. The cultures that were present in the old wooden churns have been duplicated. They create aroma, acidity and flavors that gourmet chefs and buttermilk drinker’s desire.

Our all natural Buttermilk is made from only the freshest skim milk that is naturally cultured NO other ingredients or chemicals are added. Dairy Maid uses unique cultures to create a full body in its Fat Free Buttermilk normally found in higher fat buttermilks. Only natural ingredients are used without artificial stabilizers or emulsifiers.

Dairy Maid’s unique cultures create the rich texture and mouth feel normally associated with full fat Butter Churn buttermilk. Needless to say we take pride in our Buttermilk which we believe is the best in the business! And our owners, who grew up drinking Buttermilk, regularly sample our competitions Buttermilk to insure we make the best product on the shelf.

When using Dairy Maid’s buttermilk in the kitchen, your baking goods will perform with the proper gas formation each and every time.