Chicken in Foil

(Easiest meal ever)
This is a generic ‘guide’ instead of a ‘follow this exactly’ type recipe. You’ll understand as we go along.

Aluminum foil sprayed with PAM for each boneless chicken breast.

1 boneless breast for each person
Cooked, brown or white rice (new potatoes can be sub’d)
Mushrooms, sliced
Veggies, drained

Mix the cooked rice with mushrooms and put this on the foil.
Next ‘layer’ would be any vegetable of your choosing. I might use up left-overs or put spinach in my ‘pouch’ and green beans for another family member.

Put chicken breast on top of veggies.

Top with shredded cheese and salsa for a Mexican flavor or Balsamic Vinegar (etc) for a more Mediterranean flair. Sweet and sour sauce will give it a Chinese flavor. You get the idea.

Fold foil in half, close, and then roll up ends to form a closed pouch. Bake at 340° for 45 mins. or til chicken is cooked.

Onions, sliced peppers, squash all work well, too. Hash browns will work in the place of rice. I’ve done this with pork and fish, too! This is my 18 year old son’s favorite meal.

OPEN CAREFULLY! Steam burns!

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